Programme details

The xone accelerator is a 6 month programme valued at up to $150,000.
Starting in May 2016, the xone gives selected startups the best opportunity to develop their products and scale internationally.

The programme supports early or later stage startups or SMEs with outstanding, disruptive business ideas in areas including:

  • Internet of things
  • Big data
  • Smart homes and cities
  • Mobile agriculture
  • Mobile health
  • Mobile education and family
  • Mobile payments and commerce
  • Cloud

The Programme

The programme is divided into 3 key phases:

  1. Problem-Solution Fit. Is there a clear need or problem that you are looking to solve?
  2. Product-Market Fit. Do you have a solution that satisfies a validated market demand?
  3. Scale Ready. Is your business model robust and ready to scale through a partnership with Vodafone?

Progressing through each phase requires plenty of hard work. That’s why the xone programme includes a variety of modules to address key topics. The programme integrates roughly 50% access to the xone team and programme modules, and 50% involvement with mentors, investors and partners.

2-day Induction

The xone programme starts with a 2 day induction to help you settle into the programme, set your goals (KPIs), and meet other programme participants.

Office Hours

The team is here to support you throughout the xone programme. We’re here to help.

Founder/Investor Dinner

We will frequently invite successful entrepreneurs and investors to meet the xone startups over dinner. These events are closed to the public to provide the opportunity for guests to share their experiences, candidly. Each dinner also provides an opportunity for you and your startup to practise your pitch, and share progress.

Mentoring and Partner Workshops

As part of the xone, you’ll be introduced to a wide range of mentors and partners. They will run group workshops on various topics (lean, legal, mobile design, fund raising and more). Your startup will also have the opportunity to develop a working or mentoring relationship directly with them. The xone team will support you to find the right mentors and partners during the programme.

Events and Activities

The xone team will arrange activities to keep you inspired, and your mind clear and focussed.

Launch Day

The xone programme culminates in an opportunity to officially launch your startup to the world with a 5 minute pitch. Your audience will include investors, press, corporate leaders, your family and friends – and any other supporters along your journey.

Package break down

  1. $25K cash funding – terms to be agreed with a successful applicants.
  2. $15K worth of co-working space and facilities in state of the art new Christchurch HQ.
  3. $15K worth of Vodafone xone innovation lab access (includes equipment use, technical engineer advice/consultation).
  4. $5K International Business Development Trip.
  5. Software credits, e.g. up-to $120K in IBM Cloud Credits (Bluemix, Softlayer).