Blerter: Faster, cheaper – and safer

By | 3 May 2016

Great innovation often solves a problem that has been going round in circles, or where nobody has been able to break the cycle.

Take, for example, the fact that in New Zealand alone between 50 and 70 people are killed in their jobs every year. Hundreds more die from work-related diseases.

Meanwhile, companies try to stop this happening through the application of huge amounts of paperwork. Which takes time, and costs money, and puts pressure on people to work harder, and faster.

Return to start, do over.

It’s this tension that has lead the Blerter team to create a mobile, software solution that empowers companies to keep their people safe. One that embraces the entire workforce – not just employees but contractors, visitors, and everyone involved in a site or project.

Good story so far. But here’s the real innovation: Blerter connects people together in a people-centric way that promotes personal responsibility and safety-lead cultural change. It makes participating in health and safety processes easy, engaging and fun – driving dramatic reductions in the cost of compliance and improvements in safety outcomes.

Who innovates like this? People like Blerter founders Richard Gill and Alisdair Brotchie – your real geek’s geeks. Richard in particular has a long and colourful history of inventing new technologies and designing around systems limitations. This time he and the team are designing around human behaviour, and it’s working.

Blerter is flat-out making complex human environments safer – faster, and cheaper. Let’s watch them get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.