Haptly: looking far beyond the horizon

By | 3 May 2016

Friends and co-founders Rab Heath and Nelson Shaw are familiar with pushing the limits – both within their careers, and through sparring with each other at the gym. And while their technology solution is definitely focused beyond the horizon, they’re not going into things blind.

Haptly sees a future where drones solve a number of complex commercial applications – powered by technology that manages beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) flight. It’s the kind of technology solution that could drastically improve the quality of life and bottom line for high risk and manually conducted industries. For example, imagine monitoring livestock location, estimating dry matter amounts (feed quantity from grass), checking indicators of pasture health and more – all at a distance, and without human oversight. Farmers could spend less time manually surveying their farms, while being more efficient in feed, irrigation, and flock rotation management.

That would be especially good for New Zealand, a country with strong economic interest in primary industries. But it’s the kind of solution that would also be valuable around the world – suggesting an export value beyond just improving our primary products.

Let’s see how Haptly explores those horizons…