IoTStream – betting big on scaling up

By | 4 May 2016

Some of the best business ideas often come from the simplest of insights. Co-founders Danny Tan and Peregrine Lobb knew they were onto something big when, buried in yet another exasperating Internet-of-Things development project, they sat back and said to each other, “there must be an easier way!”

An easier way to solve a key problem that all businesses have to overcome when developing new IoT solutions: Specifically, how to build and manage scalable backend infrastructure to support a new product idea, without blowing capital on oversized infrastructure and software development.

The team started nimble, aimed for big, and – in March 2016, after months of hard work – delivered a fully managed, secure, scalable, cloud-hosted solution designed to reduce the complexity, risk and cost associated with building IoT solutions. Customers now have the tools to prototype a product in weeks, and rapidly move to production – on a single platform that automatically scales to meet demand.

Now in production beta, the IoTStream platform is a pre-integrated technology stack that frees businesses to focus on what they’re best at: creating and bringing to market amazing new IoT products and services.

But how will they go with bringing their own startup to market?