LINC-ED: connecting future kids

By | 3 May 2016

Not many people have a stronger opinion about what children need than their parents. Fewer still are parents with real life experience in education – and the get-up-and-go to create a school management system from scratch.

Enter Paul and Aimie Sibson. As parents and educators, they know kids these days are growing up in a world where their work will be produced digitally, shared digitally and their learning will be captured digitally – and the parents of those children want to be involved in the process, too.

With LINC-ED they’ve solved the problem of how to bring it all together in one central place –allowing teachers to upload, embed and link documents, presentations, images and video, receive feedback, and set targets in a simple and stylish way.

Above all, LINC-ED’s e-portfolio system promotes the sharing of learning and creativity.

Paul says, “We firmly believe that technology offers wonderful opportunities for schools, students and parents to connect and that we can make a difference in this area. We are also parents of two young children and are driven to make a product that helps us as parents – and that helps parents and schools around the world.”

This passion has helped generate huge interest from schools, with little marketing. Thousands of parents and teachers are now using LINC-ED software to connect with children’s learning and to better understand their learning needs and next steps.

There’s still a lot to learn and a long way to go, but the LINC-ED team has already graduated to the Xone. Let’s see how this project comes out.