Parking Sense: “if only carparks could talk”

By | 3 May 2016

Road rage when someone grabs your parking space. Losing your car in a vast expanse of tarmac. Getting ticketed – or even towed – for running over time. Meters and machines that won’t take your money. Let’s face it: carparking is one of those things that just seems to bring out the worst in people.

Unless you’re the team from Parking Sense, of course, in which case it brings out your absolute best – and leads you to create an interlinked system of sensors, displays, payment and management solutions that makes the parking of cars better – for everyone.

The original product was a small sensor that could detect the presence or absence of a vehicle in a parking space. Over the next 10 years both the product and company evolved to become a world leader in technology driven parking solutions with installations worldwide.

That core idea – and its development team, lead by Paul Collins – has moved on to become Parking Sense, and it’s taking detection and display to a whole new level.

Soon you’ll be able to request an empty space from a distance, pay to reserve it before you even get there, be guided to it, alerted when your time is up, top up your ticket from wherever you are, and more. That’s Parking Sense – simplifying the parking experience for people parking cars, and making it more profitable for carpark owners.

Watch this space…