SolarBright: lighting the way ahead

By | 3 May 2016

Pat Martin is described as a bit of a visionary – the kind of person who sees things others can’t. And maybe that’s where SolarBright’s leading product came from.

PATeye is a solar-powered ‘cateye’ that detects icy conditions, and flashes blue to warn drivers to slow down and watch out.

Using this unique, world first ice-detection solar road stud as the hardware, SolarBright is now aiming to connect PATeyes to big data engines – creating an “intuitive intelligent road stud” that delivers real time, and really useful, data.

The multi-awardwinning Christchurch based SolarBright team is a strong one with depth and breadth. Pat is a hands-on innovator whose key focus is on expanding the capability of the PATeye to create intelligent, real-time, smart roading sensory technology; meantime Nicola is out drumming up business and making connections of her own.

But Pat and Nicola Martin’s combined passion for innovation and problem solving – and a general willingness to challenge the status quo – sets them apart.

Along with team members Charlie Fox and Ross Sinclair, Pat and Nicola are committed to bringing genuine value and making a real difference to their customers every day, enhancing safety and lifestyles both domestically and internationally.

Pushing boundaries and challenging the general perception of how lighting can be manipulated, SolarBright is well down the road towards realising an intelligent, connected, smart sensory solution for traffic engineering. It’s exciting to have them on board. Come along for the ride.