Spalk: walking the (streaming) talk

By | 3 May 2016

Flight of the Conchords to call an All Blacks match, anyone? Yes? No?

Maybe something else…?

That “something else” is part of the vision for sports commentary technology pioneers, Spalk. When founding team Michael Prendergast, Ben Reynolds and Sam Viskvich discovered they shared a frustration with the lack of choice and diversity for viewers amongst existing sports commentators, they developed a proprietary, web-based technology – one that enables sports fans to commentate on their favourite sports in real time, and have their audio commentary synchronised for viewers anywhere in the world.

This means a sports fan can view the sports stream of their choice, and be able to select alternative audio commentary (from athletes, the crowd or celebrities) – which Spalk’s software synchronizes to the live video.

For sports fans, celebrities and athletes, Spalk is their opportunity to share their sporting knowledge and opinions (or complete lack thereof) with the world. And for fans new to any sport, the ability to choose their own level of sophistication from a range of commentators could lead to dramatic uptake of previously impenetrable sports. Cricket for Americans, or American Football for Brits – it’s game on.

Right now, Spalk’s technology integrates easily with broadcasters’ and live-streamers’ existing technology stacks, and the company is currently rapidly scaling across a network of content and broadcast partners.

Or in alternate commentary language: they’re doing great, and growing fast. Stay tuned.