Wireless Guard: “Go with what you know”

By | 3 May 2016

If you know entrepreneurship, you’ll know the advice often given is to “go with what you know” – take an unsatisfactory personal experience, make it better, and make it big.

Anthony Lefebvre-Allen, Taylor Howatson and Gabriel Eden are aiming to do just that, with Wireless Guard. They’re building a connected device which detects if doors and windows are locked, unlocked, opened, or closed, and lets you or your security system know. And in true go-with-what-you-know style, the idea was developed after a personal burglary enabled by an undetected, unlocked door.

They’re not just going with an idea they know something about. There’s a history of innovative product development in the Wireless Guard team, too. They’ve been a part of the Mechatronics program at University of Canterbury for the past 4 years, working on all kinds of connected projects together and individually – Anthony built a fully autonomous search-and-rescue robot, and Taylor worked on a team-built solar car.

Wireless Guard is now working with key stakeholders in global security to bring their device to market, helping to keep an eye on homes around the world.

Meantime, we’re going to keep an eye on whether going with what you know really leads to international success for this startup.